I found my calling as a massage therapist by visiting one. As I listened to her describe the techniques of massage, all I could think of was how similar the manipulation of muscles was to clay, a medium I was intimately familiar with as I have been a clay artist for many years.

I was one of the first three students in St. Louis to study with Carole Madsen to receive my first certification in 1991. In subsequent years seeking out top teachers in their field I studied under John Barnes, P.T. for Myofascial Release, Ralph Stephen's for Sport's Massage and Zhenya Kurashova Wine for Russian Massage to name a few. These studies and others led to my Missouri.State Licensure the first year it was available in 2001.

To further my abilities as a massage therapist I work out five days a week weight training as well as cardio workouts. This gives me strength for deep tissue and endurance needed for a day of many different styles of massage.

I have advanced training in many different modalities of massage, including:

I have always sought out the leading teachers of those techniques. Massage therapy has been a great compliment to my art career as well as my life in general.

The Space

An important part of every massage is the environment. I wanted my office to be a very special environment for my clients to step into to start their whole experience, therefore I needed, not an office, but a calming, emotionally-healing oasis.

I sought the help of interior designer John Fletcher who designed a flowing efficient space with warm surfaces and graceful lines. A traditional Shoji door divides the office from the therapy room. A water feature adds a natural voice and my own art work imprints the space with a bit of my personality. The gong in the therapy room and the Solari bell add sound therapy at the beginning and end of the massage a welcoming and resonant finishing message.

Its a pleasure to work in such a soothing environment and a joy to share this space with my clients.

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