"I train with heavy weights. David is one of the only therapists I know who has both the physical strength and the extensive knowledge of anatomy to give a truly effective deep tissue massage."
~ Ken Haller MD

"I take this opportunity to thank you, not only for that wonderful healing massage, but also for the professionalism with which you carry out your work. I and my son were greatly touched by your care and going the extra mile to ensure that your services exceedingly met our needs. You chose the right name for your practice and for the fulfilment that you added to our stay in St. Louis, I extend a big THANK YOU.  We shall definitely come back for more healing but for now you will be happy to learn that we are still glowing and re-energised by your excellent massage a week ago. Thanks once again and we promise to keep in touch. " ~ Margaret, Geneva, Switzerland

"Work-related stress takes its toll on my body. For over 10 years I have found David's skillful approach to massage therapy to be the perfect way to relieve my tension and restore my serenity."
~ Ruth McKinney, Marketing Consultant

"David offers a wide range of healing techniques to provide a professional, nurturing, healing massage. David's zen studio reflects his sensitive, calm, kind and soothing manner. I go to David as an adjunct therapy for healing."

~ Ina Sachar, Yoga Instructor & Cancer Survivor

"David Meyerkord has two professions: clay artist and licensed therapist. The pastimes mesh well. With hands of iron, he kneads your body, massaging aches and pains away. His company, Healing Touch, is aptly named. A favored gift for anyone going through a serious illness, Meyerkord’s touch works wonders on stress-ravaged bodies."

~ St. Louis Magazine
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